Oskar Saville

Hey there, I’m Oskar Saville. I’m a Singer, Songwriter, writer, and Actor working and living New York City


I don’t remember the first time I heard music but I remember the first time I asked the universe to take away my voice. I had not been singing long and I was getting a lot of attention for it and being the very shy kid I was, I prayed for it to go away, so no one would come over to me again. So that night it was gone. I tried to sing and the magic was gone. I learned in that moment that music was not my problem but what was, was my fear of people. SO… here I am again with a new site and inviting people to come in to share my love of music, performing arts and writing. Thanks for being a part of it.

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The hardest person to love is me. But the greatest reward is loving myself

- Oskar Saville


I am so grateful for all the amazing artists I have been able to work with 

Much love,



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